All of these videos should be played on stereo speakers and do not work for headphones. 
Try moving your head for a sample of the installation experience.

It may sound too loud or too high pitch, this is because the inner ear is reacting to the frequencies.

Always listen at a safe volume.

If; slowly (2015)

The installation involves visual objects which are placed throughout the space. This is accompanied by a looping sound piece which was devised from recordings of the visual objects and electronic noise. The audience is invited to travel through the space and in between the objects. As they do, their perception of the sound will adjust and change with each and every movement. This is achieved by triggering otoacoustic emissions, which are supplementary tones produced by the inner ear. It allows each person to construct their own personal experience of the installation and interact with space in a new and unique way.

Shimmer (2016)

Shimmer is an installation piece examining the relationship between sound, sculpture and space. The work features a quadraphonic electronic sound piece and digital video. When the work is installed in a space, there are different areas, which contain different frequencies and rhythmic material. The video media works in collaboration with the sonic work, adding a visual accompaniment to the installation and imitating the sound piece and audience movement.

Static (2016)

Static is a concept piece. It is realised through using the Static software. The work is for two loudspeakers presenting four undefined static frequencies in an undefined space.

The Static patch offers five predetermined frequency set variations, which were deemed to be particularly physical and offer complex auditory distortions. However, the user is invited, if they wish, to select the random button, which will trigger random frequencies that still trigger distortion product otoacoustic emissions. The focus of this piece is not on the sonic material but on the concept of exploring and interacting with space through auditory distortions. The installation can materialise in infinite frequency variations but they always remain static. It is the listener that initiates change in the static sound by moving around the space.

Grow (2016)

Grow is an abstract multimedia installation work that combines algorithmically generated sound and imagery. The stereo sound piece explores how changes in amplitude affect the sensation of otoacoustic emissions. Each randomly generated frequency set increases in volume when it is generated until it reaches the maximum level. Otoacoustic emissions rely on high volume to take full effect, so this amplitude process gives the audience the feeling of DPOAEs growing in their ears as the amplitude increases. Each new frequency is coincided by an abstract digital image.

Forms & Perspectives (2016)

Forms & Perspectives is a stereo or sixteen-channel sound-only installation and drone music composition that is based around the frequencies of 800 Hz and 666 Hz. The work is two frequency generators (800 Hz and 666 Hz) that play continuously and a collection of six specially curated sound files are triggered in random order.